Automated Laser and Fabrication is an ISO compliant company, utilizing an ERP system to run our business. Since our founding in 2003, we have become the supplier for industry-leading clients in agriculture, defense, mining, wind/solar and many more. Automated Laser and Fabrication’s team of specialists have developed a career in laser cutting and fabrication with us, and we guarantee clients will be met with unbeatable, quality service on time every time. We offer services in punching, welding, forming, and in our specialty – laser cutting.

Automated Laser and Fabrication’s manufacturing facility is located in Streetsboro, Ohio. We are proud to be a small business that can provide materials and laser cutting services in-house, under one roof. Automated Laser and Fabrication has a fleet of 6 lasers at the Streetsboro manufacturing facility, and five are integrated into an automated material handling system. Our cutting-edge technology paired with our mature team of specialists contributes to Automated Laser and Fabrications high quality, highly efficient production period.

Automated Laser and Fabrication offers clients top services that are efficient while continuously exceeding customer expectations. At Automated Laser and Fabrication, we promise to deliver high quality laser cut parts on time, every time. We are constantly expanding our client reach and invite you to contact us to find out how the expertise at Automated Laser and Fabrication can serve your industry.

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