Automated Laser and Fabrication is a small business with large component capabilities.  Our Fiber and Tanaka lasers set us apart from our competitors.  Our three fiber lasers are much faster than your standard CO2 laser and require less maintenance.  Automated Laser and Fabrication’s Ohio manufacturing facility is also one of only a hundred facilities nationwide that offer laser cutting on the Tanaka large bed laser.

Automated Laser and Fabrication offers laser cutting on the following technology:

  • Two Mitsubishi 6K Fiber Lasers – 60″x120″ working range
  • Mitsubishi 8K Fiber Laser — 60″x120″ working range
  • Two Mitsubishi 3.5K CO2 Lasers – 60″x120″ working range
  • Tanaka LMXRII 4K CO2 Laser –144″x900″ working range

Our lasers have the following material processing capabilities:

  • Up to 1” Carbon Steel
  • Up to 3/4” Stainless Steel
  • Up to 3/4” Aluminum
  • Up to ½” Brass
  • Up to ¼” Copper

Automated Laser and Fabrication is proud to assist you with any of your laser cutting needs.  We are capable of cutting all grades of carbon steel, structural steel, armor, aluminum, and stainless steel on our 6 lasers located in-house at our Streetsboro manufacturing facility.  All laser cutting is performed at our Streetsboro, Ohio facility and can be completed for clients regardless of location.  Our automated, high-precision system operated by our experienced employees means any parts manufactured by us will be cut right the first time, every time on time.

Our Tanaka laser at work
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